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Remote Assist Solutions was founded by Michelle Baird in March 2018. Working from The Hague, Netherlands, RAS provides remote business solutions to the growing needs of international companies and small businesses worldwide.

By outsourcing those tasks and projects that take so much time, productivity will increase and you will establish more effective ways of working. You will find time for what matters, growing your business.

No overhead costs and a more flexible way of working especially during times of change.

RAS supports clients from varying industries and organisations, from start-ups, sole traders, NGOs, corporates to SMEs.

Additionally, RAS supports businesses and employees in their transition to the Netherlands ensuring a smooth transition and support system to a new country and culture.

Native English and fluent Dutch speaker, Michelle is able to assist in the communications and documentations for those who have not yet mastered the Dutch language.

With many years of experience living and working virtually here in the Netherlands, Michelle understands the challenges that can be faced and can assist you in all aspects of growing your business or planning your relocation.

Core Values

working with integrity in all matters

maintaining simplicity as the key to success

reliable to deliver consistently on quality, time and cost

customer commitment, working across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers

supporting sustainability, actively considering the environment in the choices that we make each and every day

making a difference, striving to provide a service of value and meaning for individuals and for the greater good

Satisfied Customer

Michelle delivered fast, precise work, was respectful of my time, but also gave me the option to speak with her to confirm some key details before she started working. This was very important to me — personal contact. I think a VA that combines remote working with the personal touch is key. I fully recommend Michelle and will definitely work with her again.

Image Consultant

The Clothing Compass, Netherlands

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+31 (0) 6 419 73150 | info@remote-assist-solutions.com


The Hague, Netherlands