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When I made the decision to leave the corporate world and start working for myself as a Virtual Assistant, it was a scary feeling for sure. But I always knew that with determination and the willingness to learn, I could make my dream come true. I could find the flexibility that I was seeking and I could do the work that I was so passionate about.

And the same applies for other entrepreneurs, especially women entrpreneurs, who are still working a day job, supporting their family and dreaming of starting or have started their own business so that they too can do the work they are passionate about and live the life they dream of.

There is a so much to learn and think about when starting your own business. In the beginning you might feel like “how am I ever going to do this”. Before overwhelm or self doubt creeps in, you need to know that there are a tribe of people out there ready to support, guide and teach you. You do not need to feel like “I have to do this all myself”or “where on earth do I get started”.

Which makes me very excited to share with you a free online summit which is taking place on the 26th of October.

The Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurship Summit 

This is a FREE online event where you will get to hear from some amazing women who have been where you are now, who will share their personal experiences with you, offering much advice, tips and knowledge that which will help and support you as you follow your dream.

I am honoured to be on of the speakers at the summit. During my session –

How to Find Balance in Business and in Life –

I will share my perspective and insights with you on how you can find and keep your balance amidst the chaos.

We look very much forward to meeting you all! Sign up and introduce yourself in the group so we can get to know you.