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Are you new to The Netherlands or new in another country? Maybe you plan to stay temporarily or permanently? For work, study or for love? Whatever the reason it will take some adjusting and time to adapt to a new culture & a new way of life.

A new country, environment, climate…meeting new people…making new friends…where to go for what…starting a business…starting a new job…

The good news is that it can also be a very rewarding experience, the adventure of a lifetime. A positive attitude and the willingness to adapt definitely helps towards an enriching experience.

As a Virtual Assistant I can help you. For those of you new to Holland, I have lived in Holland for 16 years as I write this. I speak the language, know the culture (I am half Dutch actually) and I know my way around. Are you new to another country we can still connect, I can help you with everything else.

How? For those living locally, I can show you around, give you all the information you might need to get you started with your new life in Holland. If you are local or new to another country, I can help you with your administration, finding your new home, moving your home, booking your travel, appointments, restaurant reservations or assistance with your personal errands. Starting a business? I can assist and support you all the way.

I can be your “go to” person. You will feel supported and welcome in no time. Contact Me! I look forward to meeting you.