Remote Business Support

Outsource those tasks that overwhelm you!
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Remote Business Support

This service package offers you professional, efficient and reliable support in the online business environment.

Depending on your particular requirements, we can support you in one or all of the following services:

Online Business Support Services

  • gain control over your emails rather than your emails having control over you
  • create your digital agenda so you can plan your days with ease and get on top of the things that are weighing you down
  • processing expenses, we can help you to create an expense management system that works
  • find structure in your documents & data system, the success of any business comes down to getting and staying organised
  • working online brings many advantages like working with efficient tools & apps that make your life easier, we will show and teach you how to use these tools so that you stay on top of that to do list

Website Creation (WordPress)

  • create a WordPress website based on your specific needs
  • update of site content or page layouts
  • creation or update of blog content
  • working with images, image creation
  • social media integration
  • reference to a backend maintenance and support plan for your site if desired

Social Media Support

  • setup and establishment of your social media profiles and visibility
  • schedule and post your content according your content strategy plan
  • designing and editing of banners and images
  • including appropriate hashtags into posts
  • research content ideas if desired (client is solely responsible for providing any written content)

Online Content Development

  • editing, proof-reading, formatting and publishing of your content across different channels
  • create and format manual, guides, e-books, reports
  • create simple graphics for e-books, blogs, articles and websites
  • design or update presentations
  • conversion of knowledge to online content (courses)

Events Management (online or in person)

  • assist to plan out your event from start to finish (planning, delivery & follow-up)
  • create and implement an event promotion plan
  • setup and manage the required online event technology
  • moderate and manage the event
  • distribute recordings, repurpose event content, evaluate results

Project Management Assistance

  • coordinating project activities related to a specific project
  • ensure the continuity and efficiency of each project from start to finish
  • load and organise project documentation into the appropriate tools, track progress
  • assist with customer communication and interaction
  • address questions/concerns throughout the project
  • perform tasks required by the Project Manager in support of project needs
  • track project changes and produce updated schedules

Satisfied Customer

Michelle, from the day I met you I could feel your beautiful & happy spirit. You cheer me up, have infinite patience and are a great Virtual Assistant. You have done so much research for this book, thank you so much for always being ready with great ideas & answers to my many questions. A massive thank you!


The Family Soul, Netherlands